Transparent and accountable government that works for you.

We’re advocating for Buncombe County to adopt an open data policy.

We’ve drafted Buncombe’s open data policy to encourage transparent and accessible government. Access to public data promotes a higher level of civic engagement, builds trust, and empowers individuals and groups through information.

Why open data?

Publicly available and accessible data is an essential part of government. By accessing and working with public data, individuals, advocacy groups, organizations, and businesses, can make an impact in their communities in a variety of ways.

Improve Trust

Open data promotes transparency and accountability, improving community trust in public agencies and services.

Improve efficiency

Making data open by default reduces requests for public information, which saves staff time.

Improve government services

Public data helps start conversations around how we can improve our public services then measure progress.

What can we do with open data?

Equity Tools

Open data policing is a tool that uses public data to analyze traffic stops and search rates across racial demographics.

Data Tracking & Analysis

Beyond letting people know where to park, AVLPark logs parking information over time, so we can analyze parking trends as the City of Asheville grows.

Ready to help?

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