Civic Technology

Projects that create new capabilities in our community, like Sunshine Request, the Reentry Hub, or the Beloved Computer Lab.

Data for Policy Advocacy

Projects that help the community use data to more effectively advocate for positive change, such as the work on racial disparities in traffic stops or homeless interactions with law enforcement.

Bringing People Together

Events and activities that forge new connections within our communities, such as ReRoute AVL, Open Data Day and our collaboration with UniteWNC.



  Here are some of the projects in the plans for 2020: Open Buncombe - Continue to work with Buncombe
The article I read, "Governing by Video Game", is about ways that gamification concepts have been utilized by government -
How does the community give useful feedback to the police department when there are segments of the community who feel
According to the North Carolina Judicial Branch web site: "An expunction is a legal process to remove a criminal conviction
Thanks to Eric Jackson, I've started a conversation with Jim Blanton, the new Buncombe County Library Director. We talked about
At the July Community Night, we continued our work to advocate for an open data policy for Buncombe County. We've
Sunshine Request celebrated its second birthday this March by receiving the 2019 Sunshine Award for Advocacy given by the North
More than 25 people, including a few new faces and several members of BeLoved's Homeless Voice, joined us on Saturday
Code for Asheville's February community night, on Valentine's Day, was dedicated to love of open data—specifically, to our plan to
Brrrrrrr. It's warm this week, but according to the National Weather Service, Asheville had 20 days last month when the