Civic Technology

Projects that create new capabilities in our community, like Sunshine Request, the Reentry Hub, or the Beloved Computer Lab.

Data for Policy Advocacy

Projects that help the community use data to more effectively advocate for positive change, such as the work on racial disparities in traffic stops or homeless interactions with law enforcement.

Bringing People Together

Events and activities that forge new connections within our communities, such as ReRoute AVL, Open Data Day and our collaboration with UniteWNC.



Code for Asheville had quite a Summit! The Asheville contingent was large this year with brigade leaders Sabrah n'haRaven, Jim March
Jaime Matthews, Assistant to the City Manager, and Scott Barnwell, Business and Public Technology Manager in the IT department, presented
On behalf of Code for Asheville Patrick Conant presented the Petition for Police Accountability Through Data Transparency to the Asheville City Council
The results of the Code for Asheville Petition for Police Accountability Through Data Transparency effort continue to be exciting. Patrick Conant successfully presented to
Patrick Conant presented Code for Asheville’s Petition for Police Accountability Through Data Transparency to the Asheville Public Safety Committee on Monday, March 26th, formally
Events overtook the planned agenda for our March 8 Community Night and we turned our attention to the horrendous video that
If you are a Code for Asheville member, you probably don’t spend much time hanging out on our website. The
I initially wrote this essay on my personal blog and it was then republished on the Code for America blog. Musing
I want to share the following report from Code for Asheville member Tracy Schmidt on the Transportation for Seniors Hackathon
We had a pretty amazing year in 2017  - we showed up and we mattered, and that is something to celebrate.