Civic Technology

Projects that create new capabilities in our community, like Sunshine Request, the Reentry Hub, or the Beloved Computer Lab.

Data for Policy Advocacy

Projects that help the community use data to more effectively advocate for positive change, such as the work on racial disparities in traffic stops or homeless interactions with law enforcement.

Bringing People Together

Events and activities that forge new connections within our communities, such as ReRoute AVL, Open Data Day and our collaboration with UniteWNC.



We did it. We made it through 2017. It’s been a stressful year and signs abound that 2018 might be
North Carolina is lucky not only to have more brigades per capita than any other state, but also to have
Earlier this year, Patrick Conant worked with Ian Mance, an attorney at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ), and Dee Williams, chair
We first outlined the idea behind our new stories collection platform in our September 26 newsletter. Since then Jesse Michel has
Jennifer Pahlka, Founder and Executive Director of Code for America, has asked Code for Asheville members for help. During the
Two members of Code for Asheville attended the Code for America Brigade Congress in Philadelphia last week and had this to say: "For
CityCampNC is a three-day event that brings together brigades, government workers and community members for presentations, conversation and hands-on problem-solving. The
A small group of Code-for-Ashevilleans marked the National Day of Civic Hacking last Saturday by working out details of a
I walked into my first Code for Asheville meeting in December 2013 at the invitation (well, ok, arm-twisting) of Dave
Tom Loosemore said digital is about “applying the culture, practices, processes and technologies of the Internet-era to respond to people’s raised