Civic Technology

Projects that create new capabilities in our community, like Sunshine Request, the Reentry Hub, or the Beloved Computer Lab.

Data for Policy Advocacy

Projects that help the community use data to more effectively advocate for positive change, such as the work on racial disparities in traffic stops or homeless interactions with law enforcement.

Bringing People Together

Events and activities that forge new connections within our communities, such as ReRoute AVL, Open Data Day and our collaboration with UniteWNC.



Last week was Sunshine Week and the folks at PRC Applications celebrated by launching, a site that makes it
About 25 people showed up Asheville’s Open Data Day on March 4, enjoying good food and lively conversation about the
Come join us for Open Data Day on Saturday, March 4, 2017, 10am - 2pm at the Shiloh Recreation Center.
At the suggestion of several members we will be sending out a newsletter at least monthly with announcements, information on
Working in the civic space on stuff that matters inevitably and rightfully means dealing with issues that are politically charged.
Earlier this year we stopped holding regular hack nights and focused instead on finding potential community partners like the Homeless
Have you ever shown up at the polls, only to realize that there are a slew of down-ballot races you
There are exciting things happening with Code for Asheville. We are playing an increasing role in assisting local community groups
This is a year of big change for Code for America’s brigade program. As you may have heard, there was