Open by Default

Code for Asheville has recommended the adoption of an Open Data Policy by the City of Asheville to continue progress towards a completely transparent city hall.

Read our Recommendations or let city council know you support the movement


Why Open Data?

Open Data benefits every member of the community:


Community Involvement

Open Data provides every citizen on-demand access to many types of public information, from building permits to public safety data, through a simple web-accessible interface.


Business Development

Open Data allows businesses to optimize their operations and explore new opportunities.


Transparent Government

Open Data optimizes delivery of public services, increases trust in government, and reduces staff time devoted to manually fulfilling public records requests.


Open Data at Work

Here are some examples of Open Data making an impact


Projects In Other Cities

An Open Data policy will allow us to bring civic apps already live in other cities to Asheville


Get Involved

We need your help to make Open Data a long-term solution for Asheville!


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Posted on

August 31, 2016