Thanks to Eric Jackson, I’ve started a conversation with Jim Blanton, the new Buncombe County Library Director. We talked about ways in which the tech community, including Code for Asheville, might be able to support the general public with the internet. The idea is to use libraries as a physical space to help everyone connect to the internet. One of the goals is to make the internet more accessible and useful to those who want to learn, but who may not have the resources or opportunity.

Our first idea is to have a “Solution Saturday” at one of the Buncombe library branches, where tech-savvy volunteers (like YOU) will help people connect with and use the internet. Library staff have already identified common questions:

  • How do I attach a file to an e-mail or download a file from an e-mail?
  • How do I print this? (Could be an e-mail, attachment, picture from Facebook, etc.)
  • How do I set up an email account?
  • What do I do if I forgot or don’t know my e-mail password?
  • How do I apply for this job?
  • How do I connect to the wI-fi?

We are also hoping to have a box at “Solution Saturday” to recycle tech equipment (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) Any ideas on what this might look like? Who does tech recycling?

If you are interested in helping to plan and/or volunteer for this event, which we hope to schedule for October, or you want to know about future plans for re-imagining our libraries in the internet age, please send me an email at