On Tuesday, June 27th, the BeLoved Computer Lab officially opened! We had four clients, with questions as diverse as “How do I do research on tiny homes?”, “How do I fix my computer DVD drive?”, to “How do I set up my own domain name?”

Deep thanks to our fellow Code for Asheville member, Sabrah n’haRaven, and the staff at BeLoved, as well as all the donors and volunteers who tested and prepared the computers. The lab has four PC’s and one Apple Mac, all running browsers connected to the Internet.

Thank you, too, to Code for Asheville member Sylvia Landis, who is helping research how other cities are using technology to help the homeless. I’ve put her collection of articles on this web page for reference. We will be contacting about 10 computer labs for the homeless to learn what is working, and what isn’t.

Anybody else want to join in the fun? We could use your help, even if it’s only an hour or two searching the Internet for ideas.

By Jim March

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