picture of Sabrah n'ha Raven

Sabrah n’haRaven presenting at the Code for America Summit.

Code for Asheville had quite a Summit!

The Asheville contingent was large this year with brigade leaders Sabrah n’haRaven, Jim March and Eric Jackson and City staffers Kimberlee Archie (Equity), Wanda Burgess (IT), Jonathan Feldman (IT) and Frank McGowan (Finance).

The biggest news is that Code for Asheville won a Code for America Community Fellowship grant to create more sustainable data-centric version of The State of Black Asheville. The award, one of four, was announced at the top of the program on Friday morning and will be led by community fellows Patrick Conant and Jesse Michel, community partner Dr. Dwight Mullen, and City of Asheville partners Kimberlee Archie and Eric Jackson. Check out the announcement – the project is announced about 3 minutes in.

Next Sabrah n’haRaven and Eric Jackson represented the amazing work of Code for Asheville members on the main stage! They told the story of our interactions around critical policing data starting with the Housing, Not Handcuffs campaign in 2016 and continuing through our current petition and they shared some lessons learned with other brigades and with other City governments. Check out the video here!

We’ll share more about our time at the Summit and the pre-Summit Brigade Training Day at our next Community Meetup at 5:30pm Thursday, June 14, 2018 at the Stevens-Lee Community Center. Hope to see you there!