There are exciting things happening with Code for Asheville. We are playing an increasing role in assisting local community groups with technological solutions. We’ve partnered with the Homeless Coalition, BeLoved House, Buncombe Reentry Council and more recently, the Economic Justice Workgroup on needs ranging from data gathering and presentation to computer donations.

But we need your help. Until this year the national Code for America organization provided a stipend for expenses. Starting in 2016, brigades must raise their own funds for operations. A few Code for Asheville members have covered those for the first part of the year, but we need to spread the net a bit wider.

We don’t need a lot. As a 100% volunteer group, we only have to cover event costs. That’s roughly $500/year, depending on the level of in-kind donations of food, drink and venue space. We need about $200 through the end of 2016.

Your help with projects or planning is the most significant contribution we could ask of you, so our hope is that you can spread the word to other individuals or local businesses who can’t participate directly but would like to support the work we do. Even a small donation will go a long way.

Please direct potential donors to this page: The page offers a link to the Code for America donation page as well as instructions to ensure the funds get attributed to our brigade. Financial donations are tax-deductible.